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The 100% Canada Web Hosting Plan is our solution for our clients who wish to ensure that their information is on servers physically located in Canada.

This is not cheap Canada Website Hosting but it is 100% Canadian! Servers hosting customer accounts are located in the hyrdro-powered, multi-homed, SAS70 Certified, Rackforce GigaCenter Facility in Kelowna, BC, Canada. You can find out more about the Canadian Website Hosting data-centre here

You will benefit from the extremely fast network we utilize, and you will NOT be stuck with any of those banner ads or pop-up window ads required by so many other hosting services.

Need to register a domain name first?

Use our sister site I. T. Doctor
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Come back here when you have your domain!

Take a look through the features included with the 100% Canadian Plan below:


  • $14.99 CDN monthly hosting fee
  • 30 day money back guarantee

General Features

  • 500 MB Disk Space
  • 24/7 FTP/FrontPage Publishing Account
  • Expression Web Support (See Note 1)
  • 2000 MB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Unlimited POP/SMTP e-mail accounts (@yourdomain.com)
  • Web-based e-Mail Access
  • Unlimited e-mail aliases
  • Unlimited Subdirectories
  • Your own Web Control Panel (Cpanel)


  • Your own cgi-bin
  • Perl 5 Support
  • B2 WebBlog
  • OsCommerce
  • PHPAuction
  • Your domain also comes with pre-installed CGI scripts such as - cgi wrapper, random html generator, guestbook, counter, real time Java clock, countdown box, and cgiemail.
  • Call for a complete list of options! 780-454-1200

Domain Name

  • Your own domain name (yourname.com)
  • Affordable domain name registration and/or transfer service (See Note 2)


  • Click here for the full story


1  Expression Web support, which is provided with our hosting, is to troubleshoot problems you may have due to server extension damage or other issue related to the server side.  We do not offer support in the "training" sense of the word in our hosting package.  We do offer Expression Web "training" support by telephone at the rate of $50/hour, billable in 30 minute increments.

2  We do not provide you with a domain name; we host the domain name you have registered.  If you have not already registered your domain name, we will do so for you during the account set-up process and bill your credit card for the costs.  Current .com, .net, .org domain registration is $19.99 for one year through I. T. Doctor (www.itdoctor.ca).